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4 October, 2023: ISACA State of Cybersecurity Report 2023

What are the latest insights from infosec professionals in the latest and largest ISACA annual survey into cybersecurity? Raef Meeuwisse leads the comments with an insight on AI.

View the ISACA article here; https://www.isaca.org/cyber-month-2023.


20 September, 2023: Privileged Account Management (PAM)

A free to register 60 minute webinar presented exclusively by Raef Meeuwisse for the Beyond Trust EMEIA region. A longer and more in-depth exploration of the factors that lead to cybersecurity success in PAM implementations.

View the 60 minute version of Key Steps for PAM Projects by clicking on this link.


31 August, 2023: Webinar on PAM

Want to know the key tops for Privileged Account Management success? A free to register webinar with Beyond Trust, including a 30 minute presentation from me on the topic of Key Steps of Must-Have PAM Capabilities to Secure Identities and Access.

Also an accompanying blog article here.


27 July, 2023: Operation Technology Cyber-Threats

A free to register panel session of experts from Beyond Trust, Tenable and HCL Technologies, discussing the latest threat evolutions impacting OT (operational technologies). Moderated by Raef Meeuwisse.

View it here: Threats Are Evolving: How to Reduce OT Cyber Exposure… | BeyondTrust


10 July, 2023: ISACA Now Blog

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners blog explaining the basics of AI for cybersecurity. Great insights, no paywall!


9 June, 2023: Infosec Magazine

AI vs Cybersecurity: Preparing for the Most Transformative Meta-Invention of Our Times – Infosecurity Magazine (infosecurity-magazine.com)  An article from Raef Meeuwisse.


3 June, 2023: AI Explained in 4 Minutes

AI explained in just 4 minutes… ish 😉  A new YouTube video from Cyber Simplicity Ltd in the style of a 1960’s information film.


22 May, 2023: New Book Release

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners by Raef Meeuwisse. Hardback, paperback and eBook. Originally announced in 2019 and years in the making.


25 March, 2023: ISACA Now Blog

The Biggest AI Moment Ever for Cybercrime Just Happened.


21 December, 2022: ISACA NOW Blog Article

The Top Cyberattacks from 2022: Lessons Learned


16 November, 2022: Infosec Magazine Article

Solving the Cybersecurity Permacrisis *spoiler alert* investment in people is key.


28 September, 2022: Beyond Trust Panel Event

Moderator for the event “Healthcare Privileged Access Management” – now available on demand.


24 August, 2022: LinkedIn *LIVE*

Moderator for the HCL Technologies / Beyond Trust event “Zero Trust Approach for Identity Access and OT Systems Security


3 August, 2022: ISACA Infosec Magazine Article

Digital Trust: From Brand Damaging to Brand Managing


19 May, 2022: Beyond Trust Webinar

Zero Trust = Zero Passwords. A concise session packed with useful information and tips on what Zero Trust is, going passwordless and implementation tips and pitfalls. Click link to view.


23 April, 2022: ISACA Blog on Cyber Terminology

Top tips on staying up-to-date with the relevant cyber terminology. Click link to view.


20 April, 2022: Infosec Magazine Article

According to a recent survey – the most in-demand cyber skills in 2022 are… Click link to view.


19 April, 2022: Beyond Trust Webinar

Zero Trust = Zero Passwords – a session packing the essentials of Zero Trust and the benefits of moving to passwordless into one simple session. Click link to view.


15 March, 2022: NEW BOOK RELEASE

The Cybersecurity to English Dictionary (5th Edition), now with over 500 of the most commonly used cyber terms with simple explanations in plain English.

Hardback 978-1-911452-40-9

Paperback 978-1-911452-39-3

Ebook 978-1-911452-41-6


20 January, 2022: Beyond Trust Webinar

When Operational Technology Goes Wrong. Practical insights based on unpacking and analyzing several major “OT” outages. Click link to view.


12 January, 2022: Infosec Magazine Article

Can the CISO Reporting Line Reveal Intel on Data Breach Causation?


30 November, 2021: Beyond Trust Webinar

WATCH LIVE! New Presentation. Register for this FREE webinar here. Practical Solutions to Manage Multicloud Permission Risks | BeyondTrust


1 November, 2021: NEW RELEASE: Get Rich or Try Dying (Part One)

A fictional psychological thriller featuring computer hacking, murder and much more. Written under the pseudonym “Raef Mazer”


1 September, 2021: Article: Infosec Magazine

Is Complacency the Biggest Cyber Threat? – Infosecurity Magazine (infosecurity-magazine.com)


27 August, 2021: CSO Online Magazine Article

Raef commenting on; CyberScotland releases Incident Response Guide to prepare businesses for cyberattacks | CSO Online


19 August, 2021: FREE PRESENTATION

Click here to watch Raef present on this critical security insight; Does your DevOps Environment have this Critical Security Vulnerability? (Most do). | BeyondTrust

11 November 2020: Article: Infosec Magazine

Are Rogue Insiders an Excuse, Symptom or Root Cause? Click here.


16 August 2020: CS clothing available

A range of CS cybersecurity branded red team, blue team, purple team and more hoodies and tees are now available via Amazon US and UK.

Blue Team:

US https://amazon.com/dp/B08FV8L62C

UK https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B08FXXHQXB

Red Team:

US https://amazon.com/dp/B08F8P4GF7

UK https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B08F7PY5RH


5 August 2020: Infosec Magazine Article

Raef writes on How AI is Becoming Essential to Cyber-Strategy: https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/blogs/ai-essential-cyberstrategy/


20 July 2020: ISACA NOW Article

All about the Twitter Hack – How was it done? (Originally written within 12 hours of the hacking event) https://www.isaca.org/resources/news-and-trends/isaca-now-blog/2020/the-twitter-hack-how-did-they-do-it


18 July 2020: Daily Telegraph Article Commentator

Raef comments on a Daily Telegraph article about the challenges minimal security at most universities. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2020/07/17/uk-universities-can-hacked-hour/amp/


16 July 2020: Infosec Webinar

Raef presents on the topic of AI for cyber-resilience as one of three panelists. https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/webinars/the-impact-of-artificial/


7 May 2020: InfoSec Magazine Article

Click here

to find out who falls for scams…


23 April 2020: InfoSec Webinar

Click here to access

How to build a security program(me) to manage third parties and the supply chain.


4 March 2020: InfoSec Magazine Article

Coronavirus and the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape


12 & 13 February 2020: Chair for the TEISS Conference

Raef will be chairing the Threat Landscape stream at TEISS 2020 in London

Click here to register.


30 Jan 2020: Opening Plenary Panel @ the International Cybersecurity Forum

Social Engineering: Hack Me if You Can; Raef will be appearing as a panelist in this opening plenary session on the final day at one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in Europe (over 10,000 attendees).

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) Event.


11 December 2019: InfoSec Magazine Article

The Cybersecurity Doomsday Clock: What Time is it?

Read the article here.


26 November 2019: Ethical Hacking Press Roundtable

Raef participated in the Redscan press roundtable on the topic of ethical hacking.

Read more here.


14 November 2019: Infosec Webinar

Topic: Defending against insider threats.

Click here to view on demand.


3 October 2019: ISACA London Presentation

How to Hack a Human keynote speech. YouTube link to be added!


24 September 2019: BrightTalk Webinar

Raef presented on a live panel discussing; Protecting and Maintaining Cloud Security.

Click here to view on demand.


5 September 2019: InfoSec Magazine Webinar

Raef presented on the topic of “Can you be secure by design?”

Click here to view on demand.


14 May 2019: InfoSec Magazine Article

Cybersecurity 2019: Not Gaining Sufficient Ground Against Threats

Click here to view the article.


9 May 2019: NEW MISTI Keynote Speech for APT e-Summit

Human Hacking using the Advanced Persistent Threat Model

Click here to register.


12 April 2019: Another TEISS interview on Human Hacking

Are Marketeers employing human hacking techniques?

Click here.


12 April 2019: TEISS interview on Human Hacking

Cyber warfare and the human mind.

Click here.


11 April 2019: Closing Keynote Speech at ISACA Netherlands Risk Conference

Speech topic: How to Hack a Human


9 April 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

Is the board to blame when there’s cyber shame?

Click here.


8 April 2019: ISACA Infosec Magazine Article

Cybersecurity 2019: Not gaining ground on the threats.

Click here.


19 March 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

The top 3 dangerous cybersecurity assumptions.

Click here.


19 February 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

How do you start to implement zero trust?

Click here.


12-13 February 2019: TEISS 2019 Conference.

Raef chairs the: Culture & Education stream at the  TEISS 2019 conference.


5 February 2019: NEW MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

The pros and cons of zero trust…

Click here.


19 January 2019: NEW DeMISTIfying MISTI Infosec Insider Video on YouTube

To 2019 and beyond – hot topics for the year ahead.


17 January 2019: InfoSec Magazine Webinar

Malware Mayhem: The Evolving Threat Landscape


15 January 2019: NEW MISTI Insider Video on YouTube

DeMistifying Security: 2018 year in review. Well worth watching!


9 January 2019: NEW BOOK RELEASE – How to Hack a Human: Cybersecurity for the Mind

An analysis of criminal and commercial data collection, control and influence in the era of the surveillance economy. With a foreword by psychologist Dr Marina Meeuwisse.

View the book on Amazon US here.


9 December 2018: NEW YouTube Video

10+ Human Hacks in 1 Minute; Can you spot them all?


30 November 2018: ISACA Now Blog

The Marriott / Starwood Data Breach and the Importance of Dwell Time.


29 November 2018: Keynote for the MIS Training Institute

“Why We Lost Our Data” a presentation for the  Misti Ransomware e-summit based on the book  Cybersecurity Exposed.